Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie NguyenDesigner and Researcher, MIT Media Lab


Stephanie Nguyen is a designer and researcher at MIT Media Lab focused on the intersections of data privacy, human-centered design, and policies that impact marginalized populations.

She previous led and worked on user experience for projects on data privacy at the NIH's million person genome project, US Digital Service at the Obama White House, and Google X's Project Loon.

Her research topics include:

  1. Understanding and improving the user experience process from data to meaning
  2. Expanding the U.S. Fourth Amendment rights and incoming privacy legislation and rule into digital products and services to better serve the needs of participants
  3. Collaborating with policymakers, practitioners, and civil rights advocates to reimagine meaningful choice and control in sharing personal data.

Stephanie has a BA in Digital Media Theory and Design at the University of Virginia and a Masters in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School.