Kota Takaguchi

Kota TakaguchiJournalist

Born in 1976, Kota Takaguchi enrolled in Chiba University of Humanities and Social Sciences, dropping out after acquiring the credits for his Doctoral Degree.

His coverage on topics regarding China’s economy, business, and the Chinese society residing in Japan have contributed greatly to and been published in media such as the ‘Weekly Toyo Keizai’, ‘WEDGE’, ‘Newsweek Japan’ and ‘Yahoo Featured News’. Focusing on Chinese venture companies and following them on-site, he studies how they develop and the impact of their developments to economic growth.

Kota’s current passion lies in how ‘Mobile Internet, Venture Capital Ecosystem and Innovation Policy Making influenced Chinese Innovation in 2010’, ‘Chinese AI, Big Data, Privacy’ and ‘Governance of Innovation and Surveillance Society’.

He currently runs Kinbricks Now, a news site.