Pieter B. Franken
Pieter B. Franken

Representative Director and co-founder, SAFECAST
Guest Professor, Keio University
Research Affiliate, Civic Media, MIT Media Lab
Senior Advisor, Monex Group

Pieter's career spans over 25 years in Financial Services, specializing in mission critical IT, Fintech, operations, innovation and large-scale transformations. He has held executive positions with industry leaders such as Citigroup, Shinsei Bank, Aplus and Monex Group.

Not happy with the quantity and quality of the data available after the Fukushima Nuclear crisis in March 2011, Pieter co-founded Safecast. Safecast started by creating the bGeigie, a small device that is easy to build and allows citizens to monitor radiation levels in their own communities. The bGeigie transmits these measurements and the GPS location to a central website that shows a map of conditions in each location. All data collected by Safecast is released under a CC0 public domain designation. Anyone is free to use it for free with no licensing restrictions.

Seven years later, Safecast maintains the largest open dataset of background radiation measurements ever collected: over 95 million readings to date and growing daily. It is currently building out a network of sensors to monitor PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 on a global scale. Safecast believes that having more freely available open data is better for everyone. Everything it does is aimed at putting data and data collection know-how in the hands of people worldwide.

Pieter holds a MSc in Computer Science from Delft University (Holland) and currently is a researcher affiliated with MIT Media Lab and Guest Professor at Keio University where he contributes to research in Citizen Science, Sensor Networks (IoT), Digital Currency and Block-chain technologies.

Pieter has been living mostly in Japan for the past 25 years and in his limited free-time is a passionate photographer, audio engineer, hardware hacker, music aficionado, and cyclist.