Bradford Cross
Bradford Cross


Bradford Cross is CEO of CEAi, a Vertical Artificial Intelligence Studio that includes a portfolio of start ups including Merlon and Tower Street. He is also Founding Partner at DCVC, a leading AI venture capital fund.

Prior to CEAi, he founded two other machine learning startups. At Prismatic, machine learning was used for personalized content ranking and Natural Language Processing for topic classification. At Flightcaster, machine learning was used for predicting the real time state of the global air traffic network using FAA, carrier, and weather data.

He’s been a hedge fund investor since 2002, starting with statistical value and momentum strategies at O’Higgins Asset Management, and a venture investor since 2010 as a founding partner of Data Collective.

Bradford’s spent 7 years building statistical trading strategies, 6 years building machine learning startups, and 8 years on systems engineering including 2 years working on distributed systems at Google. He studied Computer Engineering and Finance at Virginia Tech, and Mathematics at Berkeley.